SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE a film by Rikki Kasso
Saturday, November 26, 2005
Somewhere in the Middle, a film by Rikki Kasso

Suffer less suffocation.

“In my thought, becoming a doll is an action to deny the physical body of my own. I cover my face with mask completely because the head of a human being has the most important identity and the most important vital organs and I want to deny them. I love to stay in the world as a doll, who doesn't feel light, or sound, nor smell, nor doesn’t eat, nor doesn't breathe at all. For me, my abstract world of thought, my imaginary world, my philosophical world are important, but not my body nor my identity. In order to enter my dream world, I deny my own body just before I'm killed and become a doll. I cover my eyes, I stop my breath, and I become a doll.

The Kuniko doll is a denial of the physical body, and it is a Utopia for me.”

Somewhere in the Middle of the insanity lies a deep breath of humanity.

Welcome to the sexual circus of psychology, manifested under the fluorescent glow of modern Tokyo. Where fantasy and reality are inseparable and the idea of sex extends far beyond the physical limitations. In a place where men become dolls and dolls become lives. This film provides a clear perspective in to a surrealist reality that exists in the most foreign place on the planet.

What must be a secret and what is to be heard is clearly defined in the Japanese society. But what happens when the secrets manifest in to lifestyles and the relationship to your self becomes entirely too overwhelming? Some wish to be born again as a doll, and some just do it.

What will a father tell his son about becoming a doll?
What is the value of a plastic bag?
What does love smell like?

Don't get lost or you will find you’re self “Somewhere in the Middle.”
Blogger Erika said...
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Blogger Erika said...
Where can I find the movie?

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Blogger ROBBY REIS said...
get a copy of your film? I'd like very much to see the entire piece. The preview clip you have is intriguing.


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