SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE a film by Rikki Kasso
Blogger dreamtox said...

I'm french and a friend of fred aka bevezier.
What to say?
It's strange, when i was a teenager i was fascinated by japan.... I think, it ment future, purity and decadence, a kind of quiete and scary freaky world. After that, i still kept a loving eye, on differnt subjects, especially on architecture, litterature, and a bit on movies.... I must say that ex(r)otic japaneese fantasies, and their graphic and totured look attracted me....

a few weeks ago i discovered you world... and WOW (iknow it's poor, but it reflect the astonishment).
It's far from my graphic world, but i think i created the same kind of emotions....

If you have a few minutes you are welcome to visit me. I'st all in french, but words are not very important, the images talk more.

See you soon